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Been a while...

2012-12-21 09:50:44 by Exodeity

4 years is a while, right?

Anyway, as probably none of you have noticed, I've not been very active on here in a very long time, and that may or may not change, as I recently discovered people actually still see the music I made a long time ago.

A lot of it disappoints me to be honest, I cut a lot of corners and didn't do a very good job at 'remixing' anything, so just so you know, anything I upload from here on out will be made from scratch.... If anything is made from here on out...

I hope to continue down the path I once did, I really enjoyed making music as mediocre as it was, and if I decide to start doing it again, you have my word that it will meet some kind of quality standard that isn't, well, crap.

Thanks to anyone who even knows who I am, message me on skype I'm usually always on, or steam, at kafka12.

HTTP Server And Activity!

2008-07-03 01:42:32 by Exodeity

Hey guys, It's summer and I'm back in buisness! I'm setting up my HTTP for random junk and my music, and also I plan on making allot more music now that I have all these fancy new gadgets in my computer and my boosted internet speed to host my little server :))

Expect allot more activity, and visit my server in about a week :)